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GUIDE: Must Try Chicken Sandwiches

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It’s about time I started compiling a guide to chicken sandwiches that I eat! If there’s a chicken sandwich on the menu, I’m ordering it. Periodt.

I’ll be adding to this list as I continue to try more and more! If you think there’s a place I need to try, feel free to comment on DM me on Instagram to let me know! They’re listed in no particular order.


1. Parm

The must try here is the Chicken Parm on a roll!! You can also get it on a hero. The roll reminds me so much of my favorite Hawaiian roll and the sandwich is loaded up with two pieces of fried chicken, ooey mozzarella, and delicious red sauce.

2. Nowon

Nowon, a Korean spot with NY swag, and a fireee Korean Big Bird Sando! Fun fact: I was the first person to ever purchase this sandwich while it was at the initial pop up in East Village. Make sure you also order the Honey Tots!

3. 375 Chicken and Fries

Located in LES, 375 Chicken and Fries and bomb.com fried chicken options, including sandwiches! I’d recommend getting two and a side of their fries.

4. Harlem Public

Harlem Public is a great place for drinks and their chicken sandwich! Their chicken wings are also incredible.

5. Harlem Shake

One of my favorite places to come to for a burger, fries, and a milkshake! Any burger or chicken sandwich you get is going to be good.

6. Frango’s Peri Peri

Frango’s serves up halal peri-peri chicken! You can mix up your sauces and it’s soooooo good.

7. Milano Market

Milano Market is an UES institution! Any sandwich you get is going to be perfection but I recommend the Triple S which has a chicken cutlet, mozzarella, and all 3 sauces – marinara, vodka, and pesto!

8. Brads Burgers and BBQ

This is still currently my favorite chicken sandwich ever!! It’s served up on a potato bun with fried chicken perfection. DO NOT SKIP THE CAKE FOR DESSERT.

9. Ruby’s Cafe

This sandwich was one of the first meals I ordered when quarantine started back in March! This chicken sandwich was so high on my list due to many recommendations, and I definitely want to go back and eat it again in person!

10. Golden Diner

Gotta love a good katsu sandwich and Golden Diner does an amazing one! Also get the Chinatown Egg & Cheese Sando with a hashbrown. You won’t regret it.

11. Saigon Social

This is one of the most unique chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had the pleasure of inhaling!! The pickled toppings really did it for me.

12. Cheeky Sandwiches

Omggg Cheekys! You guys! That gravy with the biscuit and fried chicken? Definitely order two. Don’t live your life full of regrets.

13. Biscuits and Beer

This awesome gem in Brooklyn is something you shouldn’t miss! The biscuits are gluten-free and comes in quite a few different combinations! Bring a few friends and try all the biscuits and all the beer.

14. Addy’s BBQ – Astoria

This is the first monster burger I’ve ever tried and the mushroom sauce on this sandwich was to die for! Addy’s BBQ in Astoria has a ton of awesome items like this and is fully halal.

15. Croton Reservoir Tavern

If you’re in Midtown, Croton Reservoir Tavern was an unexpectedly a really good time! Not only do they have $8 rosé all day, but the chicken sandwich had us dancing in our seat and the fries were just what we wanted in a fry!

16. Pizza Loves Emily

If you go to Pizza Loves Emily, you definitely need to bring a group of people so you can try literally everything. My favorites are the garlic cheesy breadsticks, the vodka pizza, and I’ve heard the cheeseburger is amazing! This Nashville Hot Katsu Sandwich is a monster!

Other Mentions:

I loved the chicken sandwiches for this section but didn’t grab a photo!

  1. Sam’s Crispy Chicken
  2. Holy Cow


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1. Do-Rite Donuts & Chicken

Ok but like how can you not love this? Do-Rite does their chicken sandwiches on regular buns, but definitely try it with a donut!


1. Monroe’s Hot Chicken

I LOVE IT HERE!! You can customize the spice level of your chicken at Monroe’s. This chicken sandwich is on the secret menu and comes with Hot Cheeto’s and mac & cheese. Don’t underestimate how spicy it can be, and get yourself a milkshake while you’re here.

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