Watermelon Rose Cooler

Enjoy this sweet, floral Watermelon Rose Cooler on a hot summer day! With only four ingredients, this drink is easy to whip up for guests with cocktail and wine cooler options.

This watermelon cooler is spruced up with a bit of rosewater for a sweet, floral scent and lime juice for just a bit of tang to balance. It takes 5 minutes to make a large batch with fresh watermelon!

cook Time: 5 mins


– 26 oz watermelon juice – 5 oz water – ½ oz lime juice – ½ oz rosewater


Blend the pulp of ½ a small watermelon until smooth. Strain the juice into a pitcher.


Add the water, lime juice, and rose water into the pitcher and stir to combine.

Serve chilled over ice. Garnish with mint sprigs, dried rose petals, and watermelon wedges.