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spooning up Homemade Nutella in glass jar with raw hazelnuts

Homemade Nutella

Toss the store-bought version and make your own nutella at home with only 7 ingredients! This Homemade Nutella is incredibly easy to make at home in a food processor. It’s […]

Chai White Russian Featured

Chai White Russian

Sip on this dangerously addicting Chai White Russian cocktail, made with vodka, homemade Chai Liqueur, and cream! Serve it with ice in an old fashioned glass for a holiday look! […]

Chai Liqueur Featured

Chai Liqueur

A deliciously sweet, Kahlúa-style, chai liqueur made with rum, sugar, black tea, and chai spices that’s perfect for cocktails and a Chai White Russian. I can’t believe it’s already December […]

Guava Cream Cheese Cookies Featured

Guava Cream Cheese Cookies

The fluffiest, softest Guava Cream Cheese Cookies made in thumbprint style! These cuties aren’t overly sweet and melt in your mouth. I’m not sure what it is with winter months […]

Whipped Ricotta Toast with flaky sea salt in plate and olive oil

Whipped Ricotta Toast

FLUFFY. WHIPPED. RICOTTA. TOAST. Drizzled in olive oil. Tons of flaky sea salt. Yes yes yes! This appetizer is insanely easy and uber satisfying. I’m so excited to share this […]

Jaggery Gingersnap Cookies Stacked

Jaggery Gingersnap Cookies

Snappy, crinkly gingersnap cookies made with jaggery are here just in time for Christmas! Make them as plain ‘ol cookies or deep dish ooey gooey gingersnaps with a heaping scoop […]